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There are 5 reviews for Trio for Oboe, Viola and BC D-major (op. 3)

quality music
I fully agree with the other reviews. I would like to hear other movements too! It's a great composition. I studied counterpoint and this is a good example of counterpoint that really works. The polyphony of the different voices blend well. I wish I could of done it!
Michelle Deppe

I thoroughly enjoyed this piece because it's a great example of Baroque writing. (I also noticed it's loosely structured as a fugue...subject appears in D, then in A, and so on) Anyone who thinks it is not worthwhile to write in such a form is crazy--there will always be a demand for it (Although I imagine when people from the 22nd century listen to our 20th century "music" they may not feel the same enthusiasm for it...) Keep writing great works such as this, and as someone else said, where are the other movements? :)
Jerome Osborne

Pretty pastiche
This piece is a delightful pastiche of a baroque chamber work. The sequences and polyphony are fluid, if uncomplicated. Whilst the harmony does not reach the chromatic intensities of Bach it is nervertheless pleasing. I agree with my fellow reviewer that composition such as this is central to the output of any composer, if only for study purposes, and of course one can never cease studying as that other great father of C20th music Igor Stravinsky has taught us..
Ciaran Jenkins

I thoroughly enjoyed this piece and wanted it to go on and on. For me, a piece which has the degree of contrapuntal complexity as this one has secures a very relevant place in the repertoire of the 21st Century. This is 'brain food' music and I for one, want more it!
Martyn Steel

Skill and Style
This piece shows a great amount of contrapuntal as well as harmonic skill and respects very thoroughly all the canons of the chosen style.
It easily stands the comparison with the great baroque masters. If we get more pieces of this quality, we won't need so many arrangements.
Will Mr. Richter add a 2nd and a 3rd mouvement to this refreshing Allegro?

Roland Wiltgen
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