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There are 15 reviews for RÊVERIE (op. 7)

This is the most heavenly piece of ensemble music I have heard. Mr. Richter,I see that you have a great talent for long, aristocratic melodies and their development. The melody in this work must rank with Bach's SHEEP MAY SAFELY GRAZE and Bellini's CASTA DIVA in its strong hypnotic sense. The accompaniment is charming, well suited to the melody, in fact. This work has a greater impressionistic outlook than musch of Debussy and Faure; by this I mean the mood of your piece is strongly evocative; I thought of a man rhapsodizing up in an organ loft when I heard it. Such textures! especially in the climax. And, YOU DON'T NEED A CONTRASTING MELODY! Mr. Richter, you have great genius. And if you do not make the most of it, it will vanish. Keep up the good work!
Philip Kaplitz

Thank you
A beautiful, emotional and enchanting piece. Enchanting lovely theme. Really good orchestration and harmonic richness. I don't understand some of the comments in other reviews - too long, need a conrasting theme. Mr. Richter is sharing with us a feeling, a sense a mood. And what a wonderful experience. If one is aware of its length or the need for contrast etc. then one is not feeling the piece but instead listening to it. Feeling the music instead of hearing it greatly enhances the experience and provides a broader repertoire to be enjoyed.
Thank you Mr. Richter for a very enjoyable experience. I look forward to more of your music.
Joseph Miserendino

Structure is not always the point
I would like to concur with all the positive things said by other reviewers.
I for one realise that a REVERIE, or Dream, is really meant to meander, ebb and flow and disappear into the ether. It is not really meant to "go anywhere". So comments about development and repetition are not really musically relevant here. Structure is not always the point.
Well done, and please can we have more.
Stephen Tighe

This is one of the most enchanting pieces I have heard for a long time, the combination of masterly scoring and originality, coupled with the timeless lilt of the waltz is very special.
The repetition mentioned in other reviews is a necessary part of the scheme, the talent is the overlay of the unusual combination of intruments especially the Harp, Celesta & Klavier.
This composer has the undoubted ability to comunicate and I for one would love to hear this piece recorded by a professional orchestra.
David Hindle

I haven't ventured out of the wind band and big band areas too much, and was pleasantly surprised with this selection. I find that I was enraptured with much of it and was simply enjoying the effect. The only place that I felt a bit impatient with it was when the arpeggios dominated, instead of being in the background. Nevertheless, it is nice.
Kenton Scott

Nice enough
I'd have to agree with Christopher Knutson on this one. Harmonically divine and superbly orchestrated with good thematic material, in the end I found this piece to be a little tedious. It felt like the them was going nowhere when it could have been flying off to so many places. There is real talent here, but it must be refined. Keep it up!
Nathan Hamer

I really don't know why I'm reviewing this, because the other reviews have already said it all. However, being the great complainer that I am, I seem to recall a piece that sounded similar to this. Also, it seemed just a bit too repetitious. Nevertheless, it's good enough that I came back to listen to it a couple more times before I turned my computer off.
Jaquelyn Poe

Almost perfect
This is indeed one of the most beautiful and emotive pieces I have heard on Scorch, and indeed anywhere else. The main theme is exquisite, and for the first few minutes it is passed around the orchestra very well as the texture builds up. The harmonies are well thought out, and work very well with and without the melody. The climax before the end is perhaps my favourite part of the piece, and it is great that Richter has managed to sustain the piece for long enough to delay the climax as much as he does.
My one criticism of the piece is that perhaps that the listener is in danger of losing interest in the middle. This is irrelevant if the piece were to be a film score, but as a piece on its own I personally feel that it needs a contrasting subject, or at least the main theme coming back but expressed in a contrasting mood. If this were present, I would have no criticism at all of the piece.
Danyal Dhondy

Reallly beautiful, but not a nine minute piece.
I'd agree with all other reviewers on beauty of this piece. The dreamy harmony and haunting melody sweep the listener into a piece full place. However, there is just not enough contrast, in the tone color, in melodic material, or in harmonic material to make it a nine minute piece. It seems more like a six minute piece. Perhaps with a film to distract me from the repetativeness of harmony and texture the piece could expand to nine or more minutes, but as is I kept expecting more. That expectation never met caused the peacefull nature of the peice, that the artist so skillfully conjured, to evaporate as the music continued.
Christopher Knutson

Gobsmacking: Deserves to be number one for ever
Thsi is sensational. It was number one on the main charts yesterday and I was amazed and thought it was great. However, having heard this piece I cannot say anything but this is marvellous. You are a true genius. I would give a much more analytical review but for 2 reasons: I am only 14 so what i say may be silly and secondly, more importantly, I do not think it is necessary to write anything. Unless you are deaf you cannot do anything but love this piece. Excellent. I commend you.
Guido Dacie-Lombardo

A true gem!
After reading the last three reviews, what more can be said? This piece has mood, envivance, and gorgeous sonorities. Perfect in every way. My personal concern (coming from an area with VERY good adolescent orchestras) is finding harp and celeste players. These are not common I would think anywhere. For a movie soundtrack, however, they make a wonderful addition to the sound.
Craig Hawkins

Bravo! Encore! Magnifico! Can we give 11 out of ten!
This is the music I was hoping to find on this site! Their is such beautiful orchestration and simple communication that even Richard Strauss would be smiling in his grave. Not since I first heard "Death and Transfiguration" have I been so moved by a piece of music. Flowing dreamy strings carry us through rich dreamscapes. There is nothing cerebral about this piece. It just reaches the spot that lies in us that is waiting for enrichment. Shall I go on...? I think not...? Just go back for another listen. Yum!
Mark Smerdon

Of all the works that I have listened to on Scorchmusic this has to be the best. It shows an outstanding ability to develop musical material from an already brilliant melody together with an ability to score for quite an intimate ensemble (non-symphonic). This piece deserves to be recognised as it would be a sure fire hit with many people. Brilliant, well done!
Simon Kelly

Simply Beautiful . . .
I must say that this piece is in my top 10 most favorite works that I've seen here. With its beautiful theme and the flow, you feel like you are riding a boat down a calm stream at night. I can just see it. Wonderful job! I stand here in awe.
Leeanne Johnson (Krecic)

Masterful orchestration
This composition is a beautiful example of luxuriant romanticism full of masterful orchestration and tone colors. The tutti sections blend so well together and make one want to join the forces and sing or play along. It is a thrill and a joy to hear such compositions; we are grateful they are still being created! As a suggestion, you may rethink the title since you have here, in my humble opinion, much more than a "reverie".
Ivan Nagy

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