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There are 14 reviews for Piano Concerto E-major II Andante sostenuto (op. 10)

...good enough to be sent to heaven for it...
Ladies and Gentlemen, we must admit, that we jump over and dive through the music styles just as we please... but from time to time we stop, 'cause we stumble over something or somebody, we have to take a bow... this music is an example. My deepest respect dear fellow composer! Martin
Martin Hauber

Your harmony
Hello Richter, I have listened to every single one of your pieces, and there was none of them that I did not like. I like all of your pieces, I just know that you really work hard. I would give you a 5-star rating for all your pieces. Every amazing one of them. Your harmony, everything. Your pieces are just so good. There is no favorite of myne. They are just beautiful. Beautiful. Yes.
Esteban Castro

Grows on you!
I have to say that at the begining this piece did not sound entriely thrilling, it sounds a little like the opening from MASH, but it grows and grows through very clever modulations and would be Ideal for a film score. Very good indeed (just something more original for the opening bars)
Andrew Law

I've listened to each and every single composition of Gerhard Richter, and I must admit - there is not a single piece that doesn't strike me completely unconscious from pure shock. It's hard to believe that all of this can come from one person... Mr Richter, your work speaks to me like nothing else on this site. There are some excellent work out here, but I'm afraid nothing compares to yours. Each time I listen to one of your pieces, I am just without words. I love your themes, your harmony, your orchestration, your soul in your music, your genius, your everything. And, I agree with another review: if you don't get international recognition for what you've been doing, there surely is something wrong with this world and people's ears. I wish I had the money to make you the international star you deserve to be. Please keep up your phenomenal/spectacular/breathtaking work, and I sincerely hope that soon we will be reading about you, and listening to your music in every concert hall across the globe.
Anton J Jansen

Out of tis world!
Breathtakingly beautiful! The piano version of this work could be enough to gain worldwide attention but with the piano underscored by the orchestra, the work is out of this world! The music soars and swells in crescendo and quiet, pulling at every fibre of human listening. Stories unfold in the mind as a visual experience, while the aural experience sends the mind into orbit. Gerhard talks of paragliding...well this music flies with him on his journey from sky to earth. Perhaps his inspiration is in the flying! I love this work and will continue to play it daily for a long time. I particularly like the repeated pattern of the theme as it has hypnotic effect on the listener and compells listening. I also love the fact that the composer says he has no training in composition. It just proves a point - cream rises to the top and the creative genius will out! Thankyou for your soul's musical spirit. More please!
Celine Spengeman

beautiful. not perfect, but what the heck, it's brilliant! i agree with previous criticisms, variation in tone colours, texture and perhaps modulation. the intensity and climaxes reminds one of rachmaninoff however, he only used it sparingly. this piece is almost constantly climaxed which ironically makes the climaxes feel repetitive and unclimatic. do i hint the tune from chopin's bereuse? hmm...
Alex Melon

Oh my goodness, this is pure genius. Incredible. You have such a solid compositional ability. Wonderful! And the same for the 3rd movement as well: it's absolute genius, both harmonically, in form, in development, and also in expression. If you aren't well respected world-wide there's something wrong here.
Josh Burton

If i,d wrote this I would die a very happy man. I hope you are getting the recognition you deserve.On first listening the music connected instantly, and by the end I knew I would never tire of listening to this. For me thats a sign you have written a great piece of music - Fantastic - and thanks.
John Biggs

Completely and utterly astonishing. This was such a beautifully constructed peice of music and I am SO glad I've come across it. Unbelievable. The one theme that comes back, so beautiful.
Willow Payne

A piece of beauty
There comes along in peoples lives a thing of beauty every now and then, and it has just happened today! I love the feel for melody that this piece has. It flows along like a stream through overgrown areas into sunshine, babbling waters and deep still areas. If this is not being played regularly out there there is something wrong. Post the piece to publishers so the rest of the world can enjoy what I have this morning!
Kevin Riley

Ritcher concert in E
Just to say it's Great...I really enjoyed.Congratulations for so beautiful composition full of good taste and originality.Thanks for the gift to my spirit.
Oscar Maggi

I thought your score was amazing. I listened to it along with the Mp3 which sounded great compared to the sibelius midi. I really like the modern take which i feel you have applied to the concerto! It reminds me of something really film scorey', which is exactly what im trying to aim with my compositions, althought im only 17 and have no where near the expertese you have. I really enjoyed your piece and think there are some really beautiful parts. Danny
Danny Fardon

yes, very nice
I'm guessing your a fan of rachmaninoff because it clearly shows. I love the use of the cycle of fifths (reminded me of the 1st movt of rach 3), i love the sweeping melodies, however as the previous commenter said, it could do with branching out more. I think it could benefit from giving the piano a lot more space, rachmaninoff is always very careful of not clouding the piano and with the incredibly dense textures it comes over, as the previous commenter wrote, as more of a film score than a piano concerto. Maybe include solo piano sections, even a cadenza section, listen to rach 3 1st movt or even the 2nd movt of rach 2, notice how many times just the piano is playing. Also I think the duration could do with being cut down from the epic-like length as it is here, its only the 2nd movt, and I think the tempo could do with being a touch more. But i'm being very critical here, it is very good, great colours and harmonies, i really enjoyed listening to it! ;)
Peter Durrant

unashamably romantic
I loved this except that I do think it went on too long in the same texture and key. A little less repetition of the big melody would have left me more fulfilled! The piano writing is unashamably romantic and is reminiscent of great Hollywood film 'concertos' of the fifties. Perhaps film scores would be your metier? Your handling of the orchestra cries out for film score big brass treatment.

Noel Thompson
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