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There are 2 reviews for Nocturne c-sharp minor (op. 13)

This piece of piano music is truly an achievement. I feel enitrely confident in saying that Chopin & Brahms would find great pleasure in listening to this music. I wish I could only write this well. There is yet hope! This music stirs the emotions right away at the very beginning with the entrance of the nocutrnal theme. It has a haunting beauty. And after giving us rich, soft melodies to enjoy throughout, our composer then switches gears half-way through the piece in a faster section to surprise and entertain us. He has truly given us a proper nocturn exactly the way it should be done. Bravo.

I was engaged with this piece immediately. Very beautiful. A great beginning didn't fall short as the piece progressed with unexpected turns. This piece is reminiscent of earlier romantic Nocturnes but demonstrates a clear unique voice.

Ryan Homsey
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